The heart of Moving Beyond Hope's mission isn’t just about teaching financial principles, it’s about living intentionally and effectively.  It’s about living a life of significance and leaving a legacy for future generations.  Our desire is to foster personal growth and development in our “Family Members” so that they can reach their potential.

At Moving Beyond Hope, we're really concerned that so many families struggle with both their health and their wealth in our country today.  Not only are they feeling stuck in dead-end, low-paying jobs but they don’t even know how to leverage the little money they do have to escape the clutches of generational poverty and economic stagnation.  Their kids are stuck with getting expensive student loans for college they know they’ll never be able to pay back and they’re living in rental properties with no hope of every owning their own home.  They’ve lost hope of ever achieving financial freedom from their daily grind.  On top of that throw in a chronic illness or unexpected medical emergency and many families have only the shame of eviction, repossession, and bankruptcy to turn to.  In situations like this the future can look pretty bleak indeed.

But … what if there was an organization who could help them?  What if there was an organization whose mission was to bring financial empowerment and patient advocacy to those families?  That organization is Moving Beyond Hope.

You see, my family is one of those families and my personal journey has fueled my passion for helping families just like mine.  Several years ago, I was diagnosed with three serious chronic illnesses: Carcinoid Cancer, Congestive Heart Failure, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Over the past five years I’ve been hospitalized over 57 times, been in ICU 12 times, and coded 5 times.  Just last year I was found unresponsive in my living room and ‘died’ for about 10 minutes until the paramedics could revive me.  Not only has my medical journey been a huge emotional burden for me and my family but just imagine the financial impact it has had on my life.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I do have insurance.  But imagine those families who don’t and who are going through something like this.  They’re financially strapped, emotionally exhausted, and have no idea how to navigate the medical and financial worlds that surround them each and every day.

That’s where Moving Beyond Hope comes in.  With our team of experienced financial coaches and patient advocates, we can help those families develop solid, workable solutions to their financial situations while helping them navigate the often-confusing world of hospitals, doctor visits, medical diagnosis, and managed care plans.


Moving Beyond Hope helps families take back control of their health and their wealth in four key areas:

  • Financial education and empowerment
  • Talent discovery and development
  • Health empowerment and patient advocacy
  • Developing a mindset for success