Markeda and Chris 3

Markeda Newby

Executive Director

Markeda Newby is an ‘inspirational educator’ for people in all walks of life. Her knowledge of both health and wealth are only surpassed by her ability to navigate the relational landscape of her audience with the skill of a social ballerina. She fights every single day to make everyone she meets better and stronger. She’s open and honest and powerful, passing her knowledge on because that is what she was born to do.
She has taught classes throughout Northeast Ohio at a variety of businesses, churches, and civic organizations including Oriana House, Akron Public Schools, House of the Lord Church, Akron Urban League, and the Summit County Department of Job and Family Services.
Years after she has coached them, her clients speak with awe and reverence of their time being mentored by her. They speak of the life lessons she taught them and of how their lives are still being continually changed by the experience.
She is the …
Executive Director/Founder of Moving Beyond Hope, a financial education non-profit organization whose mission is the help “Family Members” take back control of their health and their wealth through education, empowerment, and patient advocacy.
CEO of Financial Independence Coaching LLC, a financial coaching company focused on “helping middle income families take back control of their financial situation through education.”
President of Protection for Life, a term-focused life insurance and critical illness insurance agency.
Her professional background includes the areas of Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Medicare Insurance, and Annuities, as well as Mutual Fund Investments.
As a way to impact more lives, she has recently begun to broaden her media exposure.  She has produced a weekly podcast called Monday Moments with Markeda which you can listen to on this website, has a radio show on 96.9 WMVU Radio Free Akron, and is producing inspiration videos on Moving Beyond Hope's YouTube Channel.


Steven Drexler

Director of Finance & Administration

Steve Drexler is the ‘paper pusher’ for Moving Beyond Hope. With an accounting background and extensive experience in the light manufacturing, lodging, retail, transportation, and financial services industries, he is solidly positioned to serve as the CFO for Financial Independence Coaching.

When you think of financial services, you probably think of someone like Steve. Steve loves math, money, and managing businesses. He has a passion for explaining investments and in taking complicated financial topics and turning them into ‘everyday English’ for his clients.
While climbing the corporate ladder at one of Citigroup's subsidiaries, Steve helped hundreds of his clients onto the path of financial independence. He hired, trained, and developed many up-and-coming leaders to open offices and expand the brand throughout Northeast Ohio.

After having worked with Markeda in Citigroup, Steve decided to join her in starting their own financial coaching business they named Financial Independence Coaching. He took the skills he learned at Citigroup and, under Markeda’s amazing vision, built a robust business system formed around an ‘education first’ mission. With the motto “If they knew better, they would do better” as his guide, Steve developed the business’ core curriculum at F.I. Coaching around their Home Run Plan concept. Hundreds of families later, Steve’s curriculum continues to change the future of families for generations to come.

After helping hundreds of families become financially educated and empowered through the system he built at F.I. Coaching, Steve took the concept to the next level when he and Markeda turned their sights to the non-profit world.  With the goal of empowering families in the areas of health and wealth, Steve and Markeda have been breaking through the barriers keeping families down and showing them that they can move beyond hope and achieve lasting success in their lives.

Sabbrina Glover2

Sabbrina Glover

Executive Assistant

Sabbrina Glover brings to Moving Beyond Hope decades of experience in the behind-the-scenes mastery of running a smooth business. She successfully owned and ran her own cosmetology salon for over two decades as well as two group homes. She also has experience in the insurance industry as a claims adjuster and ministers to the families in her community. With such a diverse background, it’s no wonder that she is doing amazing things here at Moving Beyond Hope.