When you think about an empowered, important, strong woman, who’s the first person that comes to mind?

Today’s women are expected to be able to do and have it all, both career and family.  They’re expected to be cutthroat in business while loving and nurturing at home.  That’s a lot to expect of any one.  So, what’s a girl to do?

Our women’s empowerment mission is built around assisting women in attaining that work-life balance.  With financial independence and entrepreneurship used as tools along the way, our female ‘family members’ build long lasting friendships and business relationships, work to develop their talents and skills, and push to strengthen and encourage one another.  Along the way, they become strong, successful, articulate, and fun to be around.  These women of character command respect due to the extreme success they’ve earned through talent and hard work.


Help us build a network of powerful women who strive for excellence in the areas of finance, entrepreneurship, and life balance.


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