Why forgive and forget when you can fix and forge ahead?

Hey Guys,

Resolutions1-712x378How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?  Are you still on track or have you lost your momentum?  If you’re like most families, the resolutions you made only a few short weeks ago are starting to lose their appeal.  Are those goals too tough to reach or has life just distracted you from reaching for them?  If you’re still serious about taking back control of those resolutions, then read on.

First Things First

Where are those resolutions and goals? You did write them down, didn’t you? If you did, pull those bad boys out and dust ‘em off. If you didn’t, well hey, then you’ve already learned one very important lesson to carry forward from here:

Goal planning is best done in writing.

The act of writing out your goals is the most critical part of the planning process, both because it puts the idea deeper in your mind and because it gives you written proof of your own commitment. Having a written goal and goal plan — something you can return to — gives you a game plan you can refer to and update from time to time.

If you want the next six months to go differently, you need to write this stuff down!

Maintain Momentum

If you’re going to reach those goals, you’re going to have to make this a yearlong project, so don’t let your list get dusty!

  • Set aside a little time each weekend to review and refine your game plan.
  • The key to giving your old resolutions new life — and your new resolutions a fighting chance — is simple: You’ve got to be willing to learn from your mistakes. A monthly resolution checkup can help you do that.
  • If you get stalled or stuck, reach out for support from others that can help you keep moving.

The very best part is, you’ve still got plenty of time to re-launch your resolutions with new passion! With eleven months of the year yet to go, you can make major strides in virtually any area of your life. You can learn new skills and reform old habits. You can rescue yourself from backslides and reclaim your vision of how you wanted this year to go.

It’s not too late — so let’s get going!

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