Momperneurs 2

Happy Monday Superstars!!! Join us as we discuss what “mompernuers” need to be successful. Momentum!!! This is part 2 to the popular show “Mompernuers”   Enjoy!


Hey Superstars and Happy Monday! Join us as we discuss mothers who are entreprenuers. Who Runs The World?  


Hey Superstar!  Happy Monday! It’s the day after Easter and officially the start of the second quarter. Where are you regarding your goals? Time is moving and so should you. Check out this amazing previous recording about Moving. Let’s Go!!!!!

Manage Your Mission

Hey Superstars!!! Happy Monday. I just wanted to welcome you to the start of your new week. Today we are discussing “Managing Your Mission”. Enjoy!!

My Day

Good morning Super Stars!!! Today is all about you. Sometimes we need to take time off and do the things that brings is enjoyment. We tend to put all of our energy into our jobs, families and religion. Slow down and take a “My Day”.

My Mission

Hey Superstars!!! Welcome to the start of your new week. Today we are looking at the word “Mission”and what it means to achieving your goals. Enjoy!

Movers and Shakers

Happy Monday superstars!!! Welcome to a new show. Today we are talking about Movers and Shakers as we get prepared for out Gala Feb 10 at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls. Enjoy!!


Happy Monday Superstars!!!! Today’s show is all about moving. We want you to get up and M.O.V.E!!! Making Our Vibrations Everywhere. I hope that this show will inspire you as much as it did for me to record it. Enjoy!