Who are our Men of V.A.L.O.R.?  They’re Victorious Achieving Leaders who Overcome obstacles and are Resilient.  These amazing men strive to be the best version of themselves that they can.  They push themselves to be better fathers, sons, brothers, spouses, and friends.



Our Men of V.A.L.O.R. are focused on financial independence, entrepreneurship, and having a work-life balance.  We meet weekly in person, on conference calls, and through a dedicated Facebook group to discuss the challenges facing today’s men, today’s entrepreneurs, and today’s fathers.  This close brotherhood creates an environment of trust where we support and help each other become our best selves while learning how to balance career and family.



Interested in becoming a member?  Simply call us at (234) 738-4699 to set up a membership interview.



So what does it take to be or become men of valor in our everyday lives? :

  • A man of valor is man enough to admit his faults and take ownership of his sins.
  • A man of valor is faithful to his commitments and keeps his word and promises.
  • A man of valor perseveres in difficult tasks or under adversity, even when he may not receive recognition or appreciation.
  • A man of valor is loyal to his friends even when this loyalty may cost him dearly.
  • A man of valor recognizes that he is not always self-sufficient and that he needs the support of other friends.
  • A man of valor is bold when required, but also uses restraint and discretion when they are needed.
  • A man of valor overcomes his fear of evangelizing and is willing to share the Gospel with others if an opportunity arises.
  • A man of valor enthusiastically serves his family, even if he is worn out from a hard day at work.
  • A man of valor is willing to exercise self-control over his thoughts, words, eyes, and actions.