We help people knocked down by life learn to get back on their feet again.  Being on the floor isn’t a destination.  Getting back up is just part of the journey.


Sometimes life just happens.  Most of the time accepting assistance from others isn’t a matter of choice so much as a matter of necessity.  When someone loses their job or gets hit with a serious medical condition, sometimes getting a helping hand from others is the only way through and over the financial problems that come with those situations.  Does accepting that assistance make them a bad person?  Of course not!  It just makes them human.  The problem comes from the difficulty that some people face when attempting to get back on their feet again. Sometimes ‘the system’ even rewards people for staying down.

Our mission is to help people transition through their problems and return to a life of independence and self-sufficiency.  We are here to give them the skills they need and to help them unlock their natural talents.


“I was receiving Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps, Title 20 Daycare, PIP Utility Assistance, Medicaid, and other benefits to help my family get by but I wanted to give my daughters a better life and to show them they could have more.” – Bethany (Akron, OH)

By supporting our efforts at helping people transition off ‘the system,’ you’ll be giving them the hand they need to pull themselves back up after being knocked down.


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