Everyone has untapped talents that they can use to earn extra money and building a business is one of the best ways to change your financial future.

Not everyone is cut out to work for someone else.  Some people just want to run their own deal without a boss looking over their shoulder.  We call those kinds of people entrepreneurs.

This mission is all about putting people in position to take their natural talents and turn them into money making machines.  If you look at any successful business out there, then you’ll notice that every one of them was started by someone who was tired of working for someone else.  We want to find those independent, visionary individuals and fuel the fire of their business passions.  We do this by teaching them an entrepreneur mindset and by teaching them how to create a robust, strong business system in place.


By supporting this mission, you’ll be helping talented people build new area businesses, create new jobs, and improve the standard of living in our community.


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