How do you learn to go above and beyond?  How do you become a man of character?

I’m sure all of us have made goals to improve ourselves. But often our goals become one of those well-meaning intentions that we plan to do…someday. And if you’re like many men, someday never comes, and you’re stuck in the same place of mediocrity you were before.  On the other hand, living a life in line with your core values brings purpose, direction, happiness, and wholeness.

That’s what this mission is all about; encouraging men to be better men in all areas of their lives. A man is more likely to follow through with a goal if he has a specific plan, instead of just some general intention. He’s also more likely to accomplish a goal if he has a group of people who are encouraging him and keeping him accountable.  By building men of character, we’re strengthening our families, our communities, and our future generations.

“I had to personally learn how to take risks rather than remain stagnate due to a fear of failure. Markeda taught me that I miss 100% of the shots I never take which means I fail at whatever I don’t attempt to do.” – Kenan (Kent, OH)

Help us create a legacy in our community.  Help us build men of character.


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