Lance Besse (September 2017)

Want to know what it takes to be one of our Firecracker Award Winners?  Just look to Lance Besse for inspiration.  Despite financial struggles, a change in his marital status, and the loss of two beloved pets this year, Lance has pushed through the pain and fought for what matters to him.  He completed our Financial Independence University course with flying colors and used that knowledge to turn his finances around.  Since enrolling as one of our coaching clients, Lance has changed jobs and begun working for a phenomenal company with great benefits.  His attitude has really turned around and he’s looking forward to a bright, happy future.  Being a Firecracker Award winner isn’t just about fixing your finances.  It’s about taking back control of your life and your future.  That’s why Lance deserves to be our September Firecracker Award Winner.  Way to go winner! We’re so proud of you!

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