Kayla Nagy (Akron, OH)

kaylaF.I. Coaching has made such a dramatic difference in my life. I was about 6 months pregnant with my first child when I met Markeda Newby. At the time I felt so stuck in life with my boyfriend making minimum wage, me not having a job, and both of us living in my parents’ house. I was feeling as though having a baby would put all my dreams and aspirations on hold, but talking to Markeda completely changed my whole outlook on life and my spiritual connection with God. She inspired me through her words to never sell myself short.

Now my baby is two months old. I am enrolled in school, starting my own business, on my way to getting a car, and planning to move out of my mom’s house all because of the tools that Markeda taught me. I learned everything from managing my budget (even if it is minimum wage, if you can’t handle a little bit of money, you can’t handle a lot) to Life protection (making sure I have my family set for if I do leave this world today). Most importantly she taught me how to teach my daughter the things that she will need to know in life so that she never feels stuck. For that I could never repay FI.

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