Jason Flowers (December 2015)

Jason Flowers has had his 12-1-55 Moment!  He’s laser focused on reaching his goals and nothing is going to stand in his way. That’s why we’re so proud to award him this month’s Firecracker Award.

As a father of four, a loving husband, and a powerhouse in his church, Jason is an exceptional leader in so many ways.  Everywhere he goes, he’s constantly looking for ways to empower and motivate others.

He’s not only a great leader but he’s also extremely coachable.  Even though he attended an F.I. Coaching Boot Camp at his church a couple of years ago, Markeda suggested that he and his wife, Alina, enroll in our 90-day Push to Prosperity Blitz.  Despite all the demands on his time, they knew they needed to make some changes and the blitz came at a great time.

During the Blitz, he’s set some awesome goals.  Goals that he’s been wanting to accomplish for some time.

Goals that are important to him and his family.  To accomplish them, he’s deCided to step out of his comfort zone.  With determination and focus he’s making changes that are going to impact his family’s future for generations to come.

His wife Alina and their children are so proud of him.  They’ve seen him set goals and work toward achieving them with the future of their family in the forefront of his mind.  He’s shown that if you focus on your goals and values, nothing is unachievable.  We are so proud of you Jason and Alina.  2016 will be a great year for you guys.  God bless.


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