Take advantage of this amazing program just for APS parents.  Learn how you can change your family’s future for generations to come!

This summer was so explosive and it has opened a lot of doors for our organization.  We are SO thankful that the leaders of our community have found in us what they have been looking for here at Moving Beyond Hope.  Part of that explosion was our invitation to be part of Akron Public Schools’ Family Academy Series.  This is an amazing opportunity for us to teach and empower the parents of the students at APS and to help them teach future generations the importance of getting a good financial education.


By the end of this four-part workshop series, the parents will have learned about budgeting, credit repair, college saving plans, student loans, and so much more!  If you want to be a part of this great financial education movement, just contact us or visit the APS website.


The classes start 4:30pm Tuesday, October 24th at the Helen Arnold CLS at 450 V. Odom Blvd.

Helen Arnold CLS