This black tie fundraising event was an amazing opportunity for our community to show support for our 2017 Push to Prosperity Initiative programs.




On Saturday January 28th, 2017, the Alpha Phi Alpha Homes, Inc was filled with cheers and tears as we celebrated the accomplishments of several of the unsung heroes in our community who we like to call our Movers and Shakers.


These individuals have worked tirelessly throughout our community, often for years at a time, with little or no recognition for the huge impact that they make on a daily basis.  They help our families, our neighbors, and sometimes even we ourselves to stand up after life has knocked us down.  With patience, energy, and passion they continue to help us grow to become the best that we can be.


These Movers and Shakers stood to the applause of their fellow guests and their families.  They proudly walked up to our Executive Director, Markeda Newby and laughed and cried as they received their hard earned awards for a job well done.  As they hugged Markeda they spoke about how the fight to make this community great isn’t over yet and that there is still a lot of work left to do.


We’re so proud of these great leaders and can only hope to someday have as great an impact on this community as they have.