We had an amazing time at our 2017 Annual ‘12-1-55’ Reception, a tribute to Rosa Parks.  On December 1st, 1955 Rosa Parks had a defining moment in her life when she refused to give up her seat on the bus.  This reception was to honor all of those people who, like her, have had their ‘never again’ moment. 


Do you know what really pumps me up?  It’s our Annual ’12-1-55’ Reception held every  December 1st.  This year’s event was so amazing!


We invited Akron City Councilwoman Margo Sommerville to host this year’s amazing event.  She helped us give out phenomenal awards to some very special individuals in our community.  These superstars took the challenge of changing their families’ lives this year and included our Financial Independence University graduates as well as the parents of our Financially Independent Youth Summer Camp graduates.  So many people this year have had their ’12-1-55’ Moment and they deserved to be recognized for the powerful impact that that decision has had on their lives.



We even had Ophilia Banks, Rosa Parks first cousin, as our special guest speaker!  She shared some amazing stories about her personal life as a leader in Ohio’s Civil Rights Movement and Rosa Parks’ impact on our nation.