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Our Financially Independent Youth Summer Camp is about to really take off and I appreciate that you care so much about supporting our camp’s disadvantaged kids this year.  It’s clear that you love them and want them to succeed just as we do and we really need your help.

They are about to learn some truly amazing life lessons while having fun doing it!  Along with learning about finances they will learn about entrepreneurship, volunteerism, and philanthropy and will be participating in many fun, recreational activities. The subject of financial empowerment can be intimidating to some, but not these kids! They will thrive in the economy of the future through this program and we will not stop until these kids are financially empowered!

On top of all the life changing education they’ll be receiving, our mission is to take all 50 disadvantaged kids to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Labor Day Weekend!  We’re going to show them that their hard work really can pay off and that their dreams really can come true!  How great is that!!!

We are really excited that our travel agency has worked out a package for us to be able to bless a child to go for only $600.  Yes, you read that right!  A donation of only $600 will make a disadvantaged child’s dream come true!!

Because of caring people like you, we’ll be able to change these kids’ future forever and put them on the path to a lifetime of success.  Please help us turn their amazing dreams into reality by sponsoring them for this once in a lifetime trip to the Magic Kingdom.


We’ve made it really easy for you to help.  Simply select the number of kids you’d like to sponsor in the drop down below and then click the Add to Cart button.  It’s that easy!

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Our kids will definitely know that this was made possible by awesome, caring individuals just like you and we’ll be giving you a shout out on our website and weekly FIY Newsletter!!  Also, your name will appear on the back of their customized FIY Disney tee-shirts that they’ll be wearing to the Magic Kingdom!


And at the end of the day, most people don’t mind feeling like they’re making an impact on the world.
They want to feel that their donations have a deep purpose.
Yours is significant!