Jessyca Blake

Who said working at a bank makes you financially independent? I became aware of this after hearing financial concepts presented to me by the students who attended the F.I. Youth summer camp.  Kids! Realizing that I myself didn’t have those bases covered, I sat down with a Hope Warrior to help me take control of … Continue reading Jessyca Blake

Daniel (Ravenna, OH)

I’ve taken several core classes at CBCF and Ms. Markeda’s class is by far one of the most essential classes that I’ve been blessed to have taken. She is by far the most caring and knowledgeable facilitator at the facility. Furthermore, I owe CBCF a huge thank you for introducing Jennifer and myself to her. … Continue reading Daniel (Ravenna, OH)

Gary (Akron, OH)

I had been incarcerated for four years for some bad choices I made early in my life and had no idea what to do with my life once I got out. All I knew was that I didn’t want to go back to the life I had been living and that I really wanted to … Continue reading Gary (Akron, OH)

Bethany (Akron, OH)

I am single mom who has always done all I can for my two little girls and without Moving Beyond Hope, I am not sure where we would be today. I was receiving Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps, Title 20 Daycare, PIP Utility Assistance, Medicaid, and other benefits to help my family get by but … Continue reading Bethany (Akron, OH)

Kenan Bishop (Akron, OH)

Dear Entrepreneur, Markeda Newby takes the time to listen, have tough conversations, and hold you accountable for reaching your God given dreams. Within 5 weeks Markeda improved communication within my marriage, walked beside my wife and me to establish an LLC, and a clear plan for generating sales in her hair bow and tutu business. … Continue reading Kenan Bishop (Akron, OH)

Brandye Dague (Akron, OH)

I met Markeda Newby through APS (Akron Pregnancy Services). The Director of APS brought Markeda in to coach us about Financial Independence and I remember Markeda was described as an ‘Exhorter.’ That she is! I’ve taken other classes similar to this one, but none of them touched me or moved me to action like Markeda’s … Continue reading Brandye Dague (Akron, OH)

Kayla Nagy (Akron, OH)

F.I. Coaching has made such a dramatic difference in my life. I was about 6 months pregnant with my first child when I met Markeda Newby. At the time I felt so stuck in life with my boyfriend making minimum wage, me not having a job, and both of us living in my parents’ house. … Continue reading Kayla Nagy (Akron, OH)