Stacia Brooks (July 2016)

Special Happy Birthday to our newest Firecracker Award Winner, Stacia Brooks There is no better gift you can give yourself than to go to another level. Stacia has had her 12-1-55 Moment!  She’s laser focused on reaching her goals and nothing is going to stand in her way.  To accomplish her goals, she’s deCided to step out … Continue reading Stacia Brooks (July 2016)

Chris Newby (June 2016)

This month’s Firecracker Award winner is someone near and dear to my heart.  He’s the one who motivates me to get out of bed in the morning, the one who keeps me balanced between home and business, and the one who drives me to use all the talents that God has given me.  He’s my … Continue reading Chris Newby (June 2016)

Kayla Nagy (May 2016)

Kayla Nagy is an amazing woman and an amazing mother.  It was when she was pregnant with her first child that we first met Kayla.  At the time she was young and uncertain about where her life was heading and was trapped in the dependent world of public assistance.  With a little bit of coaching … Continue reading Kayla Nagy (May 2016)

Beverly Shaw (April 2016)

Our newest Firecracker Award Winner is the amazing Beverly Shaw.  As the author of three powerfully spiritual books, Beverly is driven, focused, and has a clear, concise mental picture of where she’s going.  Her entrepreneurial drive shows itself through her business, Beverly’s Christian Books, as well as through her growing online book sales.  With her … Continue reading Beverly Shaw (April 2016)

Brenda Hawkins (March 2016)

Brenda Hawkins is an amazing woman.  We’ve known her ever since she attended one of our boot camps a few years ago and have watched her learn and grow.  But it was at our Extravaganza where she realized that the pace of her growth was too slow.  Something snapped.  She had her 12-1-55 Moment.  She … Continue reading Brenda Hawkins (March 2016)

Marc Jackson (February 2016)

Marc Jackson is running toward his future .  He’s charging toward a life filled with confidence, success, and happiness.  How do we know?  Because Marc took the first step toward all of these by enrolling in our one-on-one entrepreneur coaching program.  That decision was the first of many for Marc, but one that showed his … Continue reading Marc Jackson (February 2016)

Tia Holloway (January 2016)

Please welcome our newest Firecracker Award winner, Tia Holloway!  Tia has really been in the zone these last few months. She just finished our 90-day Push to Prosperity Blitz to help her start off running in the new year. She’s laser focused on changing her family’s life and making 2016 her best year ever. Tia is one of our entrepreneur clients … Continue reading Tia Holloway (January 2016)

Jason Flowers (December 2015)

Jason Flowers has had his 12-1-55 Moment!  He’s laser focused on reaching his goals and nothing is going to stand in his way. That’s why we’re so proud to award him this month’s Firecracker Award. As a father of four, a loving husband, and a powerhouse in his church, Jason is an exceptional leader in … Continue reading Jason Flowers (December 2015)

Andrea Strickland (November 2015)

We’re so proud to announce our newest Firecracker Award Winner, Andrea Strickland!  Andie is one of our newest F.I. Coaching Family Members and works within the Circles Program, part of Akron Summit Community Action, Inc. Married with two wonderful children, Andie is the perfect coaching client. She is on our Blitz conference calls, turns in … Continue reading Andrea Strickland (November 2015)