Jason Flowers (December 2015)

Jason Flowers has had his 12-1-55 Moment!  He’s laser focused on reaching his goals and nothing is going to stand in his way. That’s why we’re so proud to award him this month’s Firecracker Award. As a father of four, a loving husband, and a powerhouse in his church, Jason is an exceptional leader in … Continue reading Jason Flowers (December 2015)

Andrea Strickland (November 2015)

We’re so proud to announce our newest Firecracker Award Winner, Andrea Strickland!  Andie is one of our newest F.I. Coaching Family Members and works within the Circles Program, part of Akron Summit Community Action, Inc. Married with two wonderful children, Andie is the perfect coaching client. She is on our Blitz conference calls, turns in … Continue reading Andrea Strickland (November 2015)