Marilyn Whitney (April 2017)

Our newest Firecracker Award Winner is none other than my amazing mom, Marilyn Whitney! You may not realize it but my mom plays a major role in the success of Moving Beyond Hope.  It’s because of her tireless, behind the scenes support of me and my family that I’m able to lead and coach so … Continue reading Marilyn Whitney (April 2017)

Joyce Fox (March 2017)

Ever wonder what a successful woman looks like?  Well this month’s Firecracker, Joyce Fox, sets a great example.  Joyce is a teacher at Emmanuel Christian Academy and has been an educator for over 20 years.  Her new business, Next Step Solutions, is helping new entrepreneurs brand their business while her financial services business will soon … Continue reading Joyce Fox (March 2017)

Sharon Ealy (February 2017)

Sharon Ealy is setting the world on fire! This remarkable lady’s business, Mindset 4 Success, is helping change the face of the natural health care industry by changing the way people think about themselves and the world around them. Through the lessons she’s learned through our D.I.V.A. program, Sharon is taking women’s health and wellness … Continue reading Sharon Ealy (February 2017)

Demetria Fox (January 2017)

Please welcome our newest Firecracker Award winner, Demetria Fox!  Demetria (Meechie to all of us D.I.V.A.’s) has really been in the zone these last few months. She just finished our 90-day D.I.V.A.’s of Excellence Blitz to help her hit the ground running this year and has launched her new makeup and facial business called B.L.U.S.H. (Be Lovely, … Continue reading Demetria Fox (January 2017)

Kalimah Johnson (December 2016)

Have you heard about our newest Firecracker Award winner, Kalima Johnson? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on a great success story! Kalima is really taking back control of her life and is redefining what it means to be a D.I.V.A. She’s just finishing up our 90-day D.I.V.A. Blitz and is hitting the ground running into … Continue reading Kalimah Johnson (December 2016)

Blondi Robinson (November 2016)

Blondi is one amazing D.I.V.A. and has really been in the zone these last few months. She’s one our 2017 Push to Prosperity Extravaganza co-Chairs and is putting together an unbelievably elegant black-tie event for us. She’s a founding member of the D.I.V.A.’s of Excellence and planned their recent 12-1-55 Empowerment Reception. Blondi is also one of our entrepreneur clients … Continue reading Blondi Robinson (November 2016)

Angelia Oborne (September 2016)

Angelia Oborne and her husband Joshua are an amazing couple and we’re proud to announce them as this month’s Firecracker award winners. After reviewing their new budget, credit rejuvenation program, and daily expense journals, this driven couple is taking coachability to a whole new level.  They’re even on their way to changing their family’s future … Continue reading Angelia Oborne (September 2016)

Shannon Jackson (August 2016)

Please welcome our newest Firecracker Award winner, Shannon Jackson!  Shannon (Shay-J to her friends) is an entrepreneur powerhouse!  Not only is she a singing sensation but she’s starting her own record label, filming her own reality TV show, and building a faith-based entertainment empire.  Her exciting journey is just beginning and she’ll be a household word just … Continue reading Shannon Jackson (August 2016)

Stacia Brooks (July 2016)

Special Happy Birthday to our newest Firecracker Award Winner, Stacia Brooks There is no better gift you can give yourself than to go to another level. Stacia has had her 12-1-55 Moment!  She’s laser focused on reaching her goals and nothing is going to stand in her way.  To accomplish her goals, she’s deCided to step out … Continue reading Stacia Brooks (July 2016)

Chris Newby (June 2016)

This month’s Firecracker Award winner is someone near and dear to my heart.  He’s the one who motivates me to get out of bed in the morning, the one who keeps me balanced between home and business, and the one who drives me to use all the talents that God has given me.  He’s my … Continue reading Chris Newby (June 2016)