Sheryl Mendoza (December 2017)

What is a Firecracker?  It’s someone who’s tough, exciting, and energetic and that describes Sheryl Mendoza to a tee.  She started off the year as one of our Mover and Shaker Award Winners and moved on to teach at several of our Oriana House sites, produce her own television show “Akron Today,” and has joined … Continue reading Sheryl Mendoza (December 2017)

Jessyca Blake (November 2017)

When I think of someone who is charismatic, intelligent, kind, and passionate, I think of Jessyca Blake.  She’s always there making sure that I’m aware of what’s going on in our community and which events I should attend.  She even makes sure that I’m seen by all the VIP’s! Not only is Jessyca one of … Continue reading Jessyca Blake (November 2017)

Katie Loeffler (October 2017)

Please welcome our newest Firecracker Award winner, Katie Loeffler!  Katie has really been in the zone these last few months.  She just finished our Financial Independence University with flying colors and she’s laser focused on changing her family’s life and making 2017 the best year ever.  Katie is the amazing mother of two beautiful girls and the wife … Continue reading Katie Loeffler (October 2017)

Lance Besse (September 2017)

Want to know what it takes to be one of our Firecracker Award Winners?  Just look to Lance Besse for inspiration.  Despite financial struggles, a change in his marital status, and the loss of two beloved pets this year, Lance has pushed through the pain and fought for what matters to him.  He completed our … Continue reading Lance Besse (September 2017)

Sharon Ealy (July 2017)

Want to know what’s better than being named one of our Firecracker Award Winners?  It’s being recognized TWICE in the same year!  Our very own Sharon Ealy was named our February Firecracker and we’re nominating her again because of all the amazing work that she’s been doing with her Mindset 4 Success business.  Not only … Continue reading Sharon Ealy (July 2017)

Brenda Hawkins (June 2017)

Wow!  What a Superstar!  This month’s Firecracker Award winner is none other than Brenda Hawkins!  Everybody needs a little ‘check-up from the neck up’ from time to time and Brenda is such an incredibly coachable woman who really gets the need for mentoring in her life.  We’ve known Brenda for a few years now and … Continue reading Brenda Hawkins (June 2017)

Lynn Greathouse (May 2017)

Lynn Greathouse is an amazing woman!  Her smile lights up the room, her energy is contagious, and her work ethic is amazing.  Not only does she run a landscaping business with her husband but she also designs, crafts, and sells unbelievably beautiful wreaths!  On top of all that, she also finds the time to volunteer … Continue reading Lynn Greathouse (May 2017)

Marilyn Whitney (April 2017)

Our newest Firecracker Award Winner is none other than my amazing mom, Marilyn Whitney! You may not realize it but my mom plays a major role in the success of Moving Beyond Hope.  It’s because of her tireless, behind the scenes support of me and my family that I’m able to lead and coach so … Continue reading Marilyn Whitney (April 2017)

Joyce Fox (March 2017)

Ever wonder what a successful woman looks like?  Well this month’s Firecracker, Joyce Fox, sets a great example.  Joyce is a teacher at Emmanuel Christian Academy and has been an educator for over 20 years.  Her new business, Next Step Solutions, is helping new entrepreneurs brand their business while her financial services business will soon … Continue reading Joyce Fox (March 2017)

Sharon Ealy (February 2017)

Sharon Ealy is setting the world on fire! This remarkable lady’s business, Mindset 4 Success, is helping change the face of the natural health care industry by changing the way people think about themselves and the world around them. Through the lessons she’s learned through our D.I.V.A. program, Sharon is taking women’s health and wellness … Continue reading Sharon Ealy (February 2017)