Brenda Hawkins (March 2016)

Brenda Hawkins is an amazing woman.  We’ve known her ever since she attended one of our boot camps a few years ago and have watched her learn and grow.  But it was at our Extravaganza where she realized that the pace of her growth was too slow.  Something snapped.  She had her 12-1-55 Moment.  She made the deCision that her life needed to change, and fast.  That’s when she deCided to become one of our one-on-one coaching clients.  Ever since she began to take an active role in her future, her confidence has skyrocketed and she’s on track to reach her dreams and goals.  Focused, determined, and driven to change her life, she’s making decisions that will impact her life for years to come.  We’re so proud of Brenda and that’s why she deserves to be our March Firecracker Award winner.  Way to go Brenda !


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