Brandye Dague (Akron, OH)

I met Markeda Newby through APS (Akron Pregnancy Services). The Director of APS brought Markeda in to coach us about Financial Independence and I remember Markeda was described as an ‘Exhorter.’ That she is! I’ve taken other classes similar to this one, but none of them touched me or moved me to action like Markeda’s class did. My favorite part was being face –to-face with someone who truly cares about my future. Obviously, people do what they do to make money, but Markeda’s passion to help people is the first thing you feel. She’s not just there to make money; she’s there to change lives! I can honestly say I 100% believe God put Markeda in my path on purpose! She is a results oriented person who gives you her all. That is exactly what I needed to move out of stagnation! She leaves nothing on the table and honestly gives all of herself in the hope of igniting a flame of change in others! That change has come for me!

The first thing I learned from her is that poverty is a mindset NOT a circumstance – we CHOOSE where we are in life based on our beliefs. Markeda is living proof of that because she comes from nothing. I don’t want to share her story without consent so I’ll just say this…after hearing her story I realized there are no excuses to explain why success can’t be mine. I am a single mother on welfare who, like many others, had fallen victim to the system, fearful of what would come when my ‘benefits’ ended. Markeda has a really good understanding of how the system works and has not only informed me of all the resources (help) available, but she has also taught me how to use it as a stepping stone instead of a ball & chain!

Her part is to influence me to DECIDE. As she always says, to DECIDE is to kill all other options. I have to decide to win and failing is not an option! Although attempts to win may fail, as long as I never give up, true failure can’t happen!

I’m reading a book Markeda recommended by John Maxwell called Put Your Dream To The Test. I won’t spoil it by telling you what’s in the book but I will persuade you to read it, for it has expanded my perspective on freedom exceedingly! So many of us have lost touch with our dreams and have no clue how to become financially free. Freedom is more than just having money in your bank account. Freedom is doing what you LOVE! Freedom is a mindset; a way of thinking. You must surround yourself with the people and the tools necessary to get rid of ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ or else you will continue on in your insanity, doing what you’ve always done yet expecting things to change.

I recommend anyone, whether chasing a ‘career related’ dream or a ‘stay at home parent’ dream, to get with Markeda to learn how to become a better steward of money, time and mindset!

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