Bethany (Akron, OH)

10806283_1004006356282425_5116916368750173531_nI am single mom who has always done all I can for my two little girls and without Moving Beyond Hope, I am not sure where we would be today.

I was receiving Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps, Title 20 Daycare, PIP Utility Assistance, Medicaid, and other benefits to help my family get by but I wanted to give my daughters a better life and to show them they could have more.  So, I did what I had always heard I should do.  I got a good paying job that would help give us that better life. I worked hard at my job and it felt great getting that first check.  It gave me the hope that I could do this.

Only the hope didn’t last long.  Within thirty days most of my benefits were cancelled due to my higher income.  This lead to having to pay for all of those expenses myself that were once covered by social programs.  I got knocked down financially, had no idea how to fix things, and was soon overwhelmed.  What followed was a downward spiral of financial troubles.  My car got repossessed, my family became homeless, and my little girls and I had to move in with my mom. The job that I took to help put my family in a better place put us in a worse place than before I got it!  I had lost all hope that I could ever get off the system and was afraid to try again … until I met Markeda.

She coached me through the 12-1-55 program and I learned how to transition off the system the right way. I learned financial principles that I had never been taught before like budgeting, insurance basics, and building a good credit score.  Had I known these principles before taking that job, I could have avoided many of the painful mistakes that I made.

Through the plan MBH created for me, I’ve been able to transition off the system the right way.  My girls and I have moved out of my mom’s place, I am working a new and better job, I have a car again, and I’m giving my daughters a better life and passing on the lessons I’ve learned.

Thank you MBH!


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