The History of Moving Beyond Hope:

Back in late 2009, Markeda Newby was a very successful executive at a large financial services company but she wasn’t very happy.  You see, even though she was at the top of her game and was receiving awards and other recognition for the amazing job she was doing selling financial products for the company, she had always wanted to give back to the community.  What she wanted to do was MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  What she wanted to do was help those who came from where she came from (poverty and public assistance) and help them achieve what she had achieved (success and prosperity).  So she broke away and formed her own company, Financial Independence Coaching LLC, with the help of two of her closest business associates (her Original Dream Team).


               Steve and Zach

Together the three of them used many of the lessons that they had learned at that financial services company and put together amazing financial literacy workshops, seminars, and boot camps over the next few years serving a number of local churches, civic organizations, and schools.  Although they made a huge impact on many of those they served, Markeda still wasn’t happy.  You see, most of those they taught and educated came from the middle class.  They had jobs, houses, cars, and retirement accounts.   They just weren’t quite the target audience that Markeda wanted to reach.


So, she sat down with her Dream Team and they brain stormed for a long time.  They came up with mission after mission and name after name until finally they agreed that they wanted to “help families transition off of ‘the system’ through financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and life balance.”  They didn’t just want to give people hope but to coach them through the steps needed to actually pull themselves back up onto their feet again.



Over the last two years, Markeda and her Dream Team have hosted phenomenal black tie gala fundraisers where they’ve recognized local Movers and Shakers who are making a difference in our community.





They’ve partnered with local organizations by hosting workshops to help their clients achieve success.  They’ve even applied for and been awarded 501c3 non-profit status by the IRS.