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Passion plus Experience equals Results

For years, we’ve seen many families in our community struggle to get by and who live day to day not knowing, or being aware of, how great life can be outside of the grind of their daily lives. It’s our mission to raise their eyes off of the ground and to show them the opportunities that surround them every day.

Many families on the system have the desire to transition off the system but just don’t know how. We are here to give them the skills they need and to teach them to become the best that they can be.

2017 Push to Prosperity Initiative Extravaganza

Check out these beautiful photos from our recent Black and White themed Extravaganza.

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Push to Prosperity Initiative

We are on a crusade.  Last year we helped teach and educate over 300 families in our community.  Through collaborations with community organizations, our goal is to reach over 600.  By raising the level of financial literacy, encouraging the creation of new businesses, and building relationships with other organizations in our community we will be fostering financial stability for families who are currently living at or near the federal poverty line. 

Push to Prosperity Program

Understanding and applying basic ‘everyday finances’ is key to transitioning off of public assistance and into a self-sustaining lifestyle.

  • What options do you have available to you for moving ahead in life?
  • Dealing with the ‘welfare cliff’ of public assistance
  • Workshop series based around eight key financial topics including: understanding utility payments, housing, and transportation; building a business using your natural talents; filing taxes and payroll deductions; personal budgeting; etc.
  • Change your mindset, change your world

F.I. Entrepreneur:

Everyone has untapped talents that they can use to earn extra money.  Building a business is one of the best ways to change your financial future.

  • Workshop series based around development of a new business (mindset of a business owner, marketing products and services, business plan basics)
  • Business owners earn an average of two to three times that of employees.

F.I. University:

A person’s greatest asset is their ability to make money; the second greatest is their ability to use it wisely.

  • What do you know now?  What financial tools do you need to learn?
  • Develop a sense of shared commitment and accountability to your financial education
  • How do you apply your new financial knowledge to your own life?